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Why some people are Delivered out of addiction and some are not? Guest Dr. Eric Quick. March 23

Tonight we will discuss how and why some people say one prayer and get delivered from the...
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Intervention. The Families Miraculous Nightmare. Guest Patty Peters. Dec 20

Hear the amazing story of Patty P. Her addiction began at age 15 and never stopped until the...
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We Dont Shoot Our Wounded=Miracle of Seconds Chances. Guest Thearthur D. March 13

My special guest will share his story of second chances. He went from the criminal in the court...
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How Do We Find Peace in Recovery? Guest Jerry P (JC’s House Recovery Center) February 2

Peace - Comfort, Contentment and Rest.. How do we find or get Peace in Recovery? Every person on...
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Faith vs Trust in recovery. is there a difference? Guest Jerry P. Jan 5

Why is Faith so important? How do we get faith? What is trust? How do we trust our higher power?...
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Porn Addiction in Recovery. And Anthony Acampora and Paul G stories 10.23.16

Today you will hear the amazing story of Anthony A, a man that lived the high life in the...
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Shattered to Restored. Julie W tells her story of Rape, Abortion, Sex trafficking, Murder and Drug abuse. Nov.30

Sponsored By: The story of Julie W will shock you beyond belief. Raped, abortion, and sold for...
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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes. Guest Rob M. (Lake Haven Center) February 21

We learn in recovery that we must change our thinking and actions to change our lives. Nothing...
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Service can save our life, Guest Russel S. July 2

July 2nd, 2016   This week you will hear the story of Russell S. He is a national speaker...
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Progress – Not Perfection. In Recovery. What does that mean? with Kent Paul. Jan 17

Jan 17th. Guest Kent Paul I was always wired that I had to be perfect in what ever I did in life -...
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Drug Court – An American Solution to Addiction Deaths. Former Judge, Scott Vanderkarr

The the United Nations along with our government as announced that the war on drugs has failed....
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Everyone is recovering from something, and an opportunity to reach out and influence listeners is limitless. Each show will host guests; including national celebrities and a local citizen. Each guest will tell their personal story and how they overcame the darkness to free themselves from pain and live happy, joyful lives. Each guest will share on their story, with the host emphasizing key points of recovery related to: 1)fear 2) anxiety 3) depression 4) phobia 5) abandonment 6) compulsion 7) victimization 8) self esteem 9) self image 10) self loathing 11) trauma, abuse 12) addiction etc. The discussion goal is to help pinpoint the solutions of recovery and send hope to the audience. Inbound calls are encouraged to answer questions to give live advice to overcome current problems. It is important to mold the stories into relatable issues for ALL listeners.

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Here you will find an archive of live recorded shows that are labeled with specific topics. This is a tool to help you in your journey of recovery. If you are suffering, you can click and listen anywhere – anytime. Now you have a recovery “meeting” anytime. We are family healing together. Recovery is real!!

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You can hire Host Kent Paul as your private recovery coach. He is a national and international Certified Master Recovery Coach. This is NOT a 12 step process. Kent will help give you insight, tools of recovery, life coaching, encouragement, accountability that he has possessed in a 20 year life coach carrier and 10 1/2 years of sobriety. Email him at for details.

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Real People...

Real people trying to bring hope and inspiration.


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Every single show leaves me in wonder. Life Changing


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Love, Hope, Strength, Healing and Acceptance…

My 19 year old son called me today from rehab crying and shaking. He heard you on Recovery today and said he fell into prayer and accepted God and the path of recovery for the first time. Thank you Kent for helping this mother’s dream come true.”

~ Pamela B (Philadelphia, PA)

“I Listen to your show every week and I want to thank you for the amazing message of hope and recovery. You are changing lives Kent.”

~ Colby W (Parker, CO)

“This show has been crucial for my emotional sobriety and overall recovery. Kent’s original shocking story has hooked me to listen every week for stories of hope and healing in my spirit. Thank you for your message of love.”

~ Jared L (Boca Raton, FL)

“Thank you for being so raw and transparent with sharing your personal journey of darkness and recovery. You have the most genuine voice on the radio that I have ever heard. Keep up the good work.”

~ Amy H (Denver, CO)