August 14th, 2016

Jack L picMeet Jack Alan Levine

Jack Alan Levine, addiction expert, coach & author, has spoken to thousands of people over the last 20+ years on dealing with and successfully overcoming addiction to find Freedom for Life. Sharing his personal testimony and experiences with his own addiction and recovery as well as sharing the heartbreaking tale of his son’s battle with addiction, Jack knows first- hand about being an addict and being a parent of an addict.  A six time author his book My Addict Your Addict talks about his battles and victory over addiction.

A sought after national speaker to companies, colleges, churches and other organizations, Jack has led breakout sessions on “Overcoming Addiction” at Florida Men of Integrity and Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences throughout the state of FL. Jack’s message based on reality, fact and faith will give you the tools you need to fight and overcome any addiction. Jack speaks often to spouses and parents of addicts and gives them valuable counsel about dealing with the realities of addiction and how to inspire their loved ones to seek help!

After being strongly encouraged to share his experience and solutions to addiction to help even more people, Jack agreed to create and develop an online program called “Free For Life Overcoming Addiction” which helps all addicts and their families deal with recovery issues, outlining the clear paths and solutions available to overcoming addiction and truly finding Freedom for Life. You will be spellbound as Jack shares how he overcame his addiction issues to go on and lead a happy, productive life, and how you or your loved one can do the same.