What was it like.. What Happened.. What is it like now?..  There is HOPE

The Host: KENT PAUL has been called by God to form this show to be a servant to the world.
Host a compelling and entertaining radio hour, content rich with stories of hope and recovery for those that are broken and suffering from personal tragedy or addiction. This is a full 5 days per week show that will grow to national syndication in 2017. The host has experienced the darkness of addiction and is living in the miracle of recovery since 2006 and author of “Power from Pain” (ordered on amazon).

“The leading cause of death in America is now drugs and alcohol at 570,000 deaths and climbing per year.  God has out it on our hearts to form a revolution across America to help save our nation. We see My Recovery Radio leading the way as the foundation all across our country to help provide the programs and systems for recovery to local churches, schools, social clubs, shelters, food banks, governments and charities to save lives.  This revolution will need great financial and influential partners to be successful. We need people that have a heart for those that suffer with all addictions to help… WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!”

Everyone is recovering from something, and an opportunity to reach out and influence listeners is limitless. Each show will host guests; including national celebrities and a local citizen.  Each guest will tell their personal story and how they overcame the darkness to free themselves from pain and live happy, joyful lives. Each guest will share on their story, with the host emphasizing key points of recovery related to: 1)fear 2) anxiety 3) depression 4) phobia 5) abandonment 6) compulsion 7) victimization 8) self esteem 9) self image 10) self loathing 11) trauma, abuse 12) addiction etc.  The discussion goal is to help pinpoint the solutions of recovery and send hope to the audience.  Inbound calls are encouraged to answer questions to give live advice to overcome current problems.  It is important to mold the stories into relatable issues for ALL listeners.

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