My 19 year old son called me today from rehab crying and shaking. He heard you on Recovery today and said he fell into prayer and accepted God and the path of recovery for the first time. Thank you Kent for helping this mother’s dream come true.”
~ Pamela B (Philadelphia, PA)

My Recovery Radio has taken me and its listeners by surprise!!! It is REAL, it is RAW and it is jam packed full of Truth, LOVE and HOPE! The audience that this program reaches is so broad and so far reaching.  This show is a life changer! Kent Paul, thank you for your commitment, your passion, your dedication, and mostly, thank you for having the COURAGE to say “yes” when the Lord called you to do this!
~ JoAnn Jackson  (Boca Raton, FL)


“I listened to Julie Woodley’s interview tonight. I don’t even have any words. It touched me, profoundly. There are so many parallels in our stories and I know God used that to reach me. I recently started the process of healing relational trauma. If I ever want to be married, I’ve got to fix some things. I can’t overstate how profoundly “God sent” that message was. Thank you.”
~ Jenny C (Worcester, MA)


“This show has been crucial for my emotional sobriety and overall recovery. Kent’s original shocking story has hooked me to listen every week for stories of hope and healing in my spirit. Thank you for your message of love.”
~ Jared L (Boca Raton, FL)


“I Listen to your show every week and I want to thank you for the amazing message of hope and recovery. You are changing lives Kent.”
~ Colby W (Parker, CO)


“Thank you for being so raw and transparent with sharing your personal journey of darkness and recovery. You have the most genuine voice on the radio that I have ever heard. Keep up the good work.”
~ Amy H (Denver, CO)


“My recovery radio is deep and cutting edge program that tackles the gruesome nature of addiction and looks at the beautiful gift of recovery. As a former guest on my recovery radio I listen to the show to continually give my sobriety a fresh perspective. Kent Pauls dynamic interviews and discussions ranging on numerous topics has brought me to tears and also made be laugh out loud.”
~ Matt W (Boca Raton, FL)


“I listened to My Recovery Radio tonight. The guest speaker was Sarah p. My heart broke for that 6 year old little girl. Whose innocence was take in a second. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. We must know the homes our children enter. The journey Sarah took from that moment on made me as a mother want to embrace her. May she trust God. May she know that she is more that her mistakes. Continue to speak her truth on the destruction of porn on the computer. Be victorious and not a victim. Fight for many children who may be entering those unsupervised homes. God bless.”
~ Toni B (West Palm Beach, FL)

Kent Paul is very courageous in diving into topics so authentic and raw that are not often talked about and so leading edge in the recovery community. I believe this will cause a wave of change in the way people understand all addictions and how multifaceted they really are…and, most importantly, that God is the way out. I’m so grateful that I can listen to your show when I’m not willing to go to meetings and my codependency in that relationship has almost killed me and that is the root of the problem and only God can help me if I let him and surrender. I’m grateful for you and your show of recovery who are there for me always. Listening late at night has probably saved my life because I know that God is the only answer and I have to trust my gut (holy spirit) and then I will not self destruct because even if I feel so alone …I listen to your show I know it is just a lie and I never am never alone. I can’t wait to see this show on 5 days a week very soon!
Marie B., Boca Raton

Hi Kent! I’m loving your show! It’s been so inspiring and awesome to listen to all the podcasts. I’ve been going to recovery meetings every day since you recommended it on the show. I have a sponsor and I’m doing the work. I really appreciate the guidance you gave me to help me get to that first meeting. Just wanted to give you a shout out of all the good work you are doing on the radio show.. God Bless you my friend
Karen D, Highlands Ranch, CO

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